Which Face Cream Is Best in Pregnancy

During the pregnancy time, many pregnant women lose the glow on their face and also faces many noticeable changes such as the stretch marks due to the various hormone changes taking place in the body. Listed below are some ingredients that you must avoid using to care of the skin

Retinoid: It is better to avoid the face cream which contains the retinoid, to treat the skin problems during pregnancy causing birth defects.

Tetracycline: You must make sure that the best face cream for pregnancy you are using must be free from the tetracycline as it adversely affects the baby. The teeth and the bones of the baby in the womb of a mother get affected due to this acne treatment which includes the tetracycline in it.

Hydroquinone: If you apply the face cream for pregnancy that contains the hydroquinone in it then for about 430 to 40% is absorbed by the body easily. And if you are a pregnant woman then you must surely avoid it as it results in many adverse effects as it may also affect the baby in the mother of the womb.

Salicylic acid: Always look for the products that you are using to treat the acne must contain the salicylic acid so that they are safe for the baby but still avoid the face cream having this ingredient to fight the acne. Even the dermatologists suggest the mother to avoid using the face cream for pregnancy which includes it.

Benzoyl peroxide: It is advised to always consult the doctor for using the face cream for pregnancy that contains the benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of the acne especially if you are pregnant. It is still under the consultancy if it is really safe to use by pregnant women or not.

Which Face Cream Is Best in Pregnancy

Some of the beauty products that you can consider to buy

Facial sunscreen

It is necessary for the women who are pregnant to avoid being exposed in the sun rays as much as possible in order to prevent sunburn or redness or even any skin irritation. Make sure that you buy the face cream for pregnancy that contains the features of sunscreen and has SPF 46 that treats the tanning.

Face wash

During their pregnancy period, it is important for the women who are pregnant to stay clean and they should clean their face two times a day. The face wash that you are considering the buy must have only the natural fragrance and to avoid dryness look for the face wash which is free from soap and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Acne – fighting face wash

You must find the best face cream for pregnancy that helps you in solving the acne problem on their face of pregnant women. Most of the women get the pimples on their faces during their pregnancy period and can be treated by the acne cream which includes glycolic acid and also the sugarcane is also included which helps you in deriving the alpha hydroxyl acid.

Acne treatment

Look for the acne treatment which is free from the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide which helps you in removing the spot from your face and gives you the flawless skin on your face. Also, the colloidal sulfur – filled gem present in the face cream for pregnancy helps your skin to get rid of the pimples by drying.


The exfoliant that the pregnant mother should use that must be safe for the baby even must include the glycolic acid. If you are facing the hormone changes such as hyperpigmentation, then exfoliate the top layers of their skin only and also helps them in maintaining the moisture on their skin and resolves the problem of stretch marking.


The pregnant women need to apply the toner which contains only natural fragrance and does not include the dyes, parabens or even the phthalates if their skin becomes more sensitive or oily. The skin toner makes you look natural and also helps in filling the pores, and removes the extra oil and also helps their skin to prevent any infection or irritation.

Facial moisturizer

Due to many hormone changes during the pregnancy, the skin of the women gets adversely affected and causes dry skin, oily or even sensitive skin. Using the face cream for pregnancy helps pregnant women to resolve such problems and retain the moisture on your skin and keeps the dryness at bay and also decreases anti-aging.

Eye cream

For taking extra care of your eyes, you must avoid consuming the coffee as well as many other dairy products. Also, the eye cream contains the coffee and the green tea which are enriched with the caffeine that solves most of your eye problems such as reducing eye puffy and dark circles and also cures insomnia due to pregnancy.

Body wash

For the safe body washes for the pregnant women, the lavender, chamomile, and even the cucumber are highly recommended as the ingredients to be used in the body wash. To nourish and clean your body they contain the face cream for pregnancy and lately helps you to relax your body as well your mind and fragrance keep them fresh.


The face cream during pregnancy is necessary as due to many hormonal changes occurring in your body, your skin gets affected the most and it is also easily visible. Also, pregnant women should avoid face cream which contains toxic ingredients. We highly hope that this article will surely help you in understanding that what are the things you must consider before buying the best face cream for pregnancy and also the ingredients that you must avoid using as much as possible as they can be harmful to you and your baby even during the breastfeeding time.